Works By Category


Net Sheds – 30×24

The elemental qualities of some architecture are fascinating. I enjoy taking large, three-dimensional works of art and translating them to a two-dimensional surface.


Three Faces – 30×24

The emotions that humans experience are as varied and fascinating as the natural environment that surrounds us. I attempt to capture the emotions that I have experienced or seen, in places I have been, and in the context of others I am surrounded by. Humans are an unlimited sources of inspiration, disdain, and joy.


Birds, 40×30

Though I create work about humans, I don’t live in an urban setting. Nature is important to my survival so I am a rural dweller with a large garden. My garden is full of flowers for every season. Here, I have combined the figure with some of the flower that I grow.

Small Works

S – 24×20

Sometimes the best things come in small packages. These small works, to me, are like passing thoughts. Something pops into my head and then pops out. But it later resurfaces in a small work that seals the thought in time on the surface.

Purchase Inquiries

Maureen is represented by Archival Gallery in Sacramento, CA and Artize Gallery in Palm Springs, CA.