Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

August 2020: Maureen Hood and Sean Royal, Archival Gallery, Sacramento

April 2020: Studio Tour, UnOpen Studios, Sacramento

April through June 2020: del Museo, Artize Gallery, Palm Springs

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del Museo (from the museum) is an exploration that reflects my examination of the compositional elements of selected great masters that I have seen. The originals inspire me. Are there commonalities between their work and what I create? Can I change their elements to create new forms that express my views and my aesthetic? Some of the pieces in this group have a literal connection with the historical piece. Others take into account the demands that I place on my construction and interpretation. I’m hoping to give the observer an opportunity to take a look at what was said then and what is said now.

Maureen shows regularly in Palm Springs, with annual exhibitions in April.

Recent Exhibitions at Archival Gallery

December 2019: Salon (group show)

August 2019: From My Garden and More (solo show)

March 2019: Hen Party (group show)

December 2018: Here Comes Santa Claus (group show)

September 2018: The Box it Came In (group show)

August 2018: Maureen Hood and MacAulay Brown

Recent Exhibitions at Artize Gallery

April 2019: The Women

April 2018: Sixties Redux

April 2017: Bits and Pieces

April 2016: Signs and Symbols