Making art is a complicated process. An artist can be involved in concerns about composition, messaging, commercial potential, the cost of materials, or any of a number of considerations.

I make art because it gives me pleasure. I don’t always know where I’m going with it, or what it will ultimately communicate to the viewer, but it’s something I do. I walk for pleasure through my papers and paint, without a definite route and if I make that connection through the art with someone else, all the better.

Maureen Hood

Featured Work

Spanish Shop Girl – 48×60

Spanish Shop Girl, part of the “shop” series, was inspired by a sidewalk shop owner in Madrid, Spain. As I disembarked the underground Metro and was making my way to visit the Prado, I came upon her large, sidewalk shop. Unlike many other smaller sidewalk shops, hers was the only one in the area and was quite large. She sold not only printed materials, but also food and apparel items. I stopped and perused the inventory but realizing that I was headed for the Museum, considered stopping back on the return trip to the Metro to purchase something. I asked the owner if she would mind if I took a few photos, and she kindly welcomed the idea.

This work is large, 4’x6’, which seemed appropriate as her inventory was also large. It was also very diverse with everything from candy bars to girlie magazines to vintage vinyl. It seemed to be a microcosmic view of Madrid itself in a 15’x20’ space on a sidewalk.