Making art is a complicated process. An artist can be involved in concerns about composition, messaging, commercial potential, the cost of materials, or any of a number of considerations.

I make art because it gives me pleasure. I don’t always know where I’m going with it, or what it will ultimately communicate to the viewer, but it’s something I do. I walk for pleasure through my papers and paint, without a definite route and if I make that connection through the art with someone else, all the better.

Maureen Hood

Featured Work

Another Weeping Woman – 18×24, NFS

The del Museo series (from the museum) is an exploration that reflects my examination and revision of the compositional qualities of selected great masters that I have seen. Can I find commonalities in what I’ve seen in their work and what I create? How can I change the original elements and subject matter to create new forms from old ones so that they express my views and my aesthetic?

Some of the pieces in this new group take into account the demands of an evolving societal structure manifest in new shapes and colors. I’m hoping to give the observer an opportunity to bring their personal experience into the fray and take a look at what was said then and what I have said now.

Others are a somewhat literal connection with the historical piece.

Another Weeping Woman in one such literal translation. It is dedicated to my brother Dan who traveled to maha samadhi on July 12, 2021.