Making art is a complicated process. An artist can be involved in concerns about composition, messaging, commercial potential, the cost of materials, or any of a number of considerations.

I make art because it gives me pleasure. I don’t always know where I’m going with it, or what it will ultimately communicate to the viewer, but it’s something I do. I walk for pleasure through my papers and paint, without a definite route and if I make that connection through the art with someone else, all the better.

Maureen Hood

There are a few things that bring me peace and satisfaction. One is making art, another is digging in the dirt. I draw a great deal of inspiration from my garden wherein I grow a variety of vegetation. Bulbs for the spring, Japanese maples for grace and color, annuals for bright spots, perennials for foundation, and vegetables for fresh tastes. I was inspired by the succulents I grow for the start of a Botanicals series focusing particularly on Echeverias. I hope you enjoy what transpired.