About Maureen Hood


My imagery comes about as a part of my search for a place in the journey. Some ideas are motivated by human conditions that are universal in nature. Others, by close, personal experience.

Shape and color are the primary means of my compositional definition. The found materials are selected based upon my response to them in the context of the image. The shapes must have a tactile quality in order to create an illusion that stimulates my imagination. The color must be saturated rather than grayed.

I combined the old with the new so that in the end, the pieces create their own society on the picture plane. This society becomes the time and place.

Unknown, collection of the artist


A native Californian, Hood received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Studio from the University of California at Davis, studying with Robert Arneson and William Wiley. She continued her studies, earning a Master’s Degree in Art with a Mixed Media focus, at California State University, Sacramento, tutored by William Allan and Jack Ogden.

Technically inspired by the works of Romare Bearden and Robert Rauschenberg, she draws emotional strength from her own experience and her relationship with the natural environment. Hood’s work has been exhibited throughout the State and is owned by private and corporate collectors nationwide.

Old Friends, collection of the artist